The New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences

The Delaware Valley Reef Club (DVRC) maintains a 180 gallon reef aquarium within the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences.  Equipment and livestock are donated by both the club and members.  The aquarium is maintained by a team within the DVRC.  For more information regarding volunteering, please contact the board of directors via e-mail at board@delvalreefclub.org.  The system currently contains a small variety of soft coral, live rock, and many fish including a purple tang, hippo tang, engineer goby, tomato clown pair, and maroon clown.  Current invertebrate inhabitants include many varieties of snails, and will soon be home to many more inverts!

In addition to maintaining the aquarium, members of the Delaware Valley Reef Club will occasionally speak to students who participate in the summer programs.  Topics include everything from good animal husbandry to the many methods and strategies present in the hobby today.


Some soft corals at the NJAAS!

Classroom NJAAS

The tank setup and classroom. The large tub contains 2 saltwater sharks, and behind the system are snakes, horseshoe crabs, sea urchins, and various other “touchable” creatures!


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