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The DVRC is a recognized 501(3)c organization dedicated to local reefkeeping enthusiasts.  We are a society dedicated to the conservation of our ocean’s reef systems, education of others, and responsible husbandry . Through an open exchange of ideas and information we are able to expand our knowledge and ability to care for the inhabitants of our aquarium systems. By encouraging propagation we help to reduce the demand for wild caught specimens and do our part to encourage conservation and preservation of our natural reefs. The DVRC sponsors many events, and we are actively looking for all level of hobbyist (or professional) to join us.

2014 Delaware Valley Reef Club Officers

President: – Joe Cellucci (ecajoe) – president@delvalreefclub.org
Vice President: Christopher Stevens (mrhighline) – vicepresident@delvalreefclub.org
Secretary:  Joanne Bowen (joanne) – joanne@delvalreefclub.org
Treasurer:  Sa Panossian (sciencegnome) – treasurer@delvalreefclub.org
Member at Large – Education / Webmaster: Ron Narozny (bonzd67) – webmaster@delvalreefclub.org
Member at Large – Membership:  John Walker (JWalker314)
Member at Large –  Paul Weckerly (paulweck)

Club By-laws

Downloadable (PDF)

Club News

Attention all lovebirds! (And those whose significant others may not be fans of their saltwater hobby.)

The CAS (Center for Aquatic Sciences) will be hosting an adults only Valentine's Day event!

"THAT'S A MORAY! Love Below Sea Level"
Friday, February 13: 7 to 10 PM

Please click the below link for details:
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APEX: How can I apply two feed modes to one pump:
I want one feed mode A: used for feeding fish and Feed Mode D: For maintenance. I can't seam to find the advanced tab for pump, Im sure its some where easy.............
thx for the help in advance
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Delaware Valley Reef Club - DVRCChange the outlet type from pump to advanced. All the programing will remain and you can add additional lines4 days ago   ·  1
Delaware Valley Reef Club - DVRCOpen up advanced programming and you can manually type if FeedA then On/off. Or other commands. FeedB FeedC etc4 days ago
Jeremy GavinExcellent Thx4 days ago
Jeremy GavinI see the advanced options but not under pumps4 days ago

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Can anyone point me in the direction of the best way to setup hard pvc pipes to my sump. Ron Narozny Anthony Palidora a couple pics would be awesome...... ... See MoreSee Less

Anthony PalidoraWhy do you want hard pvc? And ron's your man with in stand plumbing for pics.. Mine is all in a big room and in the open much different style6 days ago   ·  1

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